So we spent a while trying to get Oculus Developer Hub to accept our Quest 2 – SpiritVR Journey application.

Lot’s of settings, changes, bla bla bla, removing the App Permissions which Oculus do not allow for Android apps (Quest 2 is Android), but 1 permission would just not remove itself RECORD_AUDIO.

In short – Unreal Engine 5 has the ‘Add permissions to support Voice chat (RECORD_AUDIO)’ set to true.

Uncheck this option and you should be golden.

Project Settings -> Platforms -> Android -> Advanced APK Packaging -> Add permssions to support Voice chat (RECORD_AUDIO)

Having issues? Then leave a comment and we will try and help you out.

Oculus Developer Hub Error

Your manifest includes the following permissions restricted by Oculus:
Please remove these permissions if they are not needed by your application. If they are needed, you must include justification in the “Notes for the Reviewer” field when submitting your application for review. Failure to provide justification will result in the rejection of your application.
APK is debuggable (android:debuggable in AndroidManifest.xml). NOTE: you may only distribute debuggable APKs through private channels.
Preparing for upload…
Uploading APK…
Waiting for processing to begin…
reconstructing uploaded file (1 / 3)
validating package contents (2 / 3)
ERROR: We found issues with the APK during validation. Please check that the APK meets the ‘Application Manifest Requirements’, then resubmit your app.
* The APK installation location should be “auto” (“android:installLocation” in AndroidManifest.xml). See documentation at:
* APK screen orientation is not landscape (android:screenOrientation in AndroidManifest.xml).
Build Upload Error – an error has occurred