At Scenegraph Studios, we do 3D and this includes creating 3D CAD models for 3D printing on our Ultimaker 2+.

Focal Studios installed an immersive installation (which we helped make some 3D content for – check out our other posts) at the Deva Chester location. For this, they needed a large button with ‘Press Me’ written on it, which would be used as part of a button plinth to trigger immersive hologram videos.

We obliged by using Blender, exporting to an STL format, importing to CURA software, and then transferring to the 3D printer.

This was not the only 3D CAD model we printed this month – check out our post on 3D printing a U-Boat model for architects and BigHeritage to visually understand their extensive redevelopment of the Wirral U-Boat experience.

The Ultimaker 2+ is an older model of 3D printer, but it is still a good hardworking printer, but more importantly, it is reliable, hence why we still utilise it and have not upgraded to a resin printer.

Get in touch if you want to chat about 3D printed CAD files for visualisation, architecture, modelling.