The Wirral is home to some amazing attractions; Birkenhead Park – the inspiration for New York’s Central Park, Birkenhead Market opened by the Queen, Mersey Ferries, Lady Lever Art Gallery, and the U-Boat story at Woodside.

The U-Boat story is being overhauled by BigHeritage with a new building housing war vehicles and extracting more secrets from the unexplored WW2 German U-Boat, 1 of 4 left in the world.

The new building housing the attraction is being designed by local architects with input from the BigHeritage team through visual planning.

We were asked to create a 3D model of the U-Boat ready for 3D printing at a 200-1 scale.

We took a 3D scan of a U-Boat model as a reference, and then simplified this due to the size of the 3D print needed.

The results speak for themselves – a simple project for great clients.

If you need anything designing through concept and 3D printing – get in touch with us.