We tried the trial version of Reallusion software in late 2019, maybe early 2020, and it just crashed constantly; on startup, when loading, after 5 minutes.

We now have a project in Virtual Reality where we need to utilise facial capture software and we purchased the software.

Still crashing with the memory usage issue.

We tried the following;

increase page memory (virtual memory) from 4.8gb to 40gb. See the following link to increase your – LINK.

Uninstalled, reinstalled.

checked our system memory by running ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic’ – search Windows search – or check out the HowToGeek.com

None of these worked until we found out about NVidia Studio Drive… yep, not only for games.

After this, we have had no problems with Reallusion. To install, click the 3 buttons next to the ‘Check for updates’ button.

We did a full clean install when choosing the ‘custom install’.

Hope this helps you.

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