Augusts 2022 free content by Epic Games is an awesome addition. Link HERE.

If you don’t log on each month to the marketplace and take advantage of the free content, then you are loosing out on soooo much cool stuff and saving hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of pounds/dollars.

This month, you have the addition of Stylised Egypt in the permanently free collection, and for this month you have;

  • Big Office – £69.75 reduced to £0
    • A pack of 3D models with 4k textures and 18 different set up spaces.
    • Link HERE.
  • Open World RPG Toolkit – £24.84 reduce to £0
    • This asset contains a Quest System, Minimap, companion eagle, menu system, inventory, a save system and other inclusions. For free, or even £24 quid, this is pretty insane for how much it has in it.
    • Link HERE.
  • Storage House Set – £79.51 reduce to £0
    • A 3D model collection in the theme of a factory/storage area. The best thing about this set is the texture set including; albedo, normal, occulus, roughness, metal, and a masks. This is alot of work which gives great detail.
    • Link HERE.
  • MySQL Inegration – £44.72 reduced to £0
    • Allows you to easily connect to a MySQL database – we have something similar to connect our user accounts to a secure database through a custom API Nicola wrote (shes very talented).
    • Link HERE.
  • Cartoon Water Shader – £39.74 reduced to £0
    • From looking over this item, the stylisation is great, but the key to why we like this one is the customisation and the ability to auto detect terrain edges. I don’t think this would be good for Mobile VR, but Windows PC looks good.
    • Link HERE.

The total £258.56 saved – we love Epic is still spreading the Fortnite money :)