Today (10.01.2023) we received an email from Meta (Formally Facebook/Oculus) stating that their further development for the Meta Quest 1 is coming to an end.

In short, they are stopping feature development and limiting access to further features such as ‘parties’ in the Home environment. This makes complete sense from both a business point-of-view but also a development POV. The business side of things is easy… the number of users in a Quest 1 is dwarfed by that of Quest 2 with 14 million headset in the market.

From a development POV, it is simple… developers cost a shed-tonne of money… suppose this argument brings it back round to business, but anyway. The Quest 1 was a great headset, but technology moves fast, and fast brought about the Quest 2; improved chipset, tracking, comfort, and a better eco-system of software. Another development POV is the developers making the Games. The processing power of the Quest 2 is greater than that of the Quest 1, but compared to a basic laptop, or a gaming machine, it is vastly underpowered. With that being said, why would a VR Game developer create an experience on the Quest 2, optimising it to be as good as it can be, to then downgrade to Quest 1 to reach a very small market.

In short, times change, tech upgrades, and we can not assume a company will keep creating software for old machines… if you want to get into that domain then you should work on Mainframes… they are wellllll-olllllddddd and can’t be upgraded because it costs too much money.

Anyway, I digress abit.

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