Darkside-Collective.com is now up and running and gathering momentum.

The agenda for the previous meetup was:

  • Let everyone introduce themselves as companies.
  • Discuss our thoughts on the goals of the collective, making sure everyone is happy with them.
  • Round table style discussion on what everyone needs.
  • Find out where companies fit together (web devs, artists, designers, VR, programmers… everyone has a place in the wheel design.) – SWOT analysis of Wirral.
  • Submit Collective name idea.

From this meetup, we decided the following:

  • The name is Darkside-Collective. The reason is because Liverpool calls the Wirral “The Darkside”… but to be honest, its lighter than you think! The Wirral holds so much cool stuff, great parks, fantastic beaches, amazing businesses, and great talent. We do find it weird that a lot workers live on The Wirral and travel to work in Liverpool.
  • The fact that we are on the Wirral is not the most important thing for the branding. It was mentioned from Peter Woodbridge that the best collectives are location-less, it just so happens that the businesses are all next door to each other. This is something we are replicating… it is already working in Start-Yard between Scenegraph Studios and Focal Studios, lets make it bigger.
  • Bring together a core collective, specialising in immersive and digital content creation.
    • Focal Studios = Projection displays, 2D animations and video creation.
    • Scenegraph Studios = Unreal Engine specialists, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D content creation + motion graphics.
    • Play & Magic (Peter Woodbridge) = Freelance Producer, Creative Technologist & Imagineer. Virtual Production, Mixed Reality, Immersive Experiences, XR. Developing Wonder, Play & Magic in Unreal Engine, Unity, WebXR

We have spoken to Wirral Met College and they are getting involved with sponsoring, knowledge sharing, as well as getting a stream of great passionate students ready for joining our teams (this is happening with Scenegraph Studios with an awesome coder).

Get involved.

View the website – www.darkside-collective.com

and join the discord – https://discord.gg/vgRWuTmHWz

We are needing more people/companies to join to add support – Hardware, business support, bid writing… everything that a huge company would need to take on the world of immersive content creation.