PureRef 2.0 introduces a variety of new features and improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience for managing reference images and notes.

We are personally stoked about the Drawing Tools – this allows us to make notes and share… although Canva.com with its Whiteboard feature is pretty cool because lots of people can work together… gamers like pureref though (the PC MASTER RACE!!!)


Here are the key features included in the update:

  1. Updated UI: The user interface has been revamped for better coherence and ease of use, with customizable appearance settings.
  2. GIF Support: Full support for animated GIFs, including playback controls, speed adjustment, frame stepping, and extraction of individual frames.
  3. Drawing Tools: Basic free-hand drawing capabilities, including different stroke widths, eraser, color selector, and options for arrow ends and dashed lines.
  4. Grouping: Group images and notes together, allowing them to be moved as a unit. Groups can have customizable background colors and opacity.
  5. Hierarchy Window: An overview of all items in the scene with drag-and-drop functionality to change order and parent/child relationships.
  6. Rich Text Editor for Notes: Enhanced note-taking with support for checklists, bullet and numbered lists, text alignment, clickable links, font options, and text formatting.
  7. Always on Top: The ability to attach PureRef to a specific application window, keeping it on top and in sync with the application.
  8. Title Bar: Optional visibility of the title bar for easy access to the always-on-top feature and window management buttons.
  9. Embedded Color Profiles: Improved handling of embedded color profiles for accurate color representation.
  10. Search Bar in Settings: A search bar in settings for quick access to specific options.
  11. Cropping Square: Fine-tune image cropping using a selection square.
  12. Command Palette: A command palette for searching and executing all available commands in PureRef.
  13. Import and Export Settings: Easier sharing of custom setups by exporting and importing settings as a file.
  14. Thumbnails on Windows: Preview boards before opening them with Windows thumbnail support.
  15. Additional Improvements: Various other enhancements such as comment addition, export options, and beta version availability for early access to new features.

These features aim to make PureRef 2.0 a more powerful and flexible tool for artists and designers to manage their reference materials efficiently.

For more detailed information, you can visit the official PureRef blog and handbook on their website.