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Welcome to our FAQ page, your go-to resource for navigating the wealth of training and resources we offer in technology and game development. Here, we address your most common questions and provide insights to help you make the most of our comprehensive learning materials, workshops, and support services. Whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of tech and game development, or a seasoned developer seeking to expand your skills and knowledge, our FAQ section is designed to guide you through our platform’s features, course offerings, and much more. Dive in to find the answers you need and embark on your journey to mastering technology and game creation with confidence.

Can I donate to the cause?2024-02-22T08:02:29+00:00

Donations are very welcome. We do not have a way of receiving them just yet. Before we set this up, we would appreciate any communication with us, suggestions to make the site better, or even a simple share of our website.

This site, hosting, maintenance, and development is currently funded by Scenegraph Studios.

Who does Scenegraph.Academy work with? And how can we get involved?2024-02-22T07:31:25+00:00

We have brilliant connections with the local education sector; Liverpool John Moores University, Edge Hill University, Hope University, Liverpool University, Liverpool City College, Wirral Met, and many others.

Our connections with the local game and tech community, specifically as founding members of Liverpools Game Changers working with Ripstone, Avalanche Studios, D3T, Sony, Playstation… and so many others

If you want to get involved with Scenegraph.Academy, we would love that. You don’t have to be in tech or games, this site is all about building the career paths for all types of people. Every organisation can use technology to improve workflows and procedures.

Can you share my work or portfolio?2024-02-05T22:57:18+00:00

YES! We love to share peoples work. We will do a quality check first though to make sure you are sharing the best work you can to maximise you getting a career.

What are the success stories of students or professionals who have used Scenegraph.Academy for their career advancement?2024-01-07T20:31:46+00:00

As this platform is new, we are still gathering data on the success stories.

Dr David Tully was previously a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. Many of his students graduated to go onto some amazing companies and careers. Many have been hired by D3T, others into none game related jobs. Dr Tully stays in touch with many of them and is over the moon on their happiness. This is the reason why this platform exists, to get more people in their dream career, being happy.

Are there any interactive elements, like projects or collaborations, in Scenegraph.Academy’s courses?2024-01-07T20:32:29+00:00

We aim to ask appropriate tasks and quizzes within the courses.

We will also share competitions, bids, and game-jam information.


What support does Scenegraph.Academy provide to students and professionals during their learning journey?2023-12-21T22:35:17+00:00

We provide multiple services;

  • The content on the site is updated when appropriate.
  • Email support is available and answered as soon as we can.
  • Our Discord channel offers support.
  • We do provide CPD sessions for schools, colleges, universities and private sessions.

Email to arrange a call to discuss your needs.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in software and game development courses on Scenegraph.Academy?2024-01-07T20:33:46+00:00

None. The platform is made for beginners, newcomers, and tutors.

This platform is not designed for professionals, but maybe you might learn something new.

Can I use Scenegraph.Academy for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a tutor or teacher?2024-01-07T20:32:46+00:00

Yes, absolutely. We encourage tutors to learn from the content, to pass onto your students. Make your life easy.

What immersive technologies are taught on Scenegraph.Academy, and how are they applicable in today’s industry?2023-12-21T22:24:02+00:00

We are aiming to create multiple courses, but the immersive industry is massive. From 3D, to VFX, Games Development, or Software Development, and all the languages (C#, C++, Java, Python etc), we want to cover everything, but this takes time, especially with staying up to date with the tech. We will stick to our strengths and tech we use daily – Unreal Engine, 3D Blender, VFX, programming.

How can Scenegraph.Academy help me start a career in software or game development?2024-01-07T20:33:25+00:00

The content on Scenegraph.Academy is created to help beginners to advanced learners, and tutors understanding how to teach these subjects.

The content covers the landscape of the industries and potential career paths, as well as showing our own personal journeys.

What types of courses does Scenegraph.Academy offer in software and game development?2023-12-21T22:06:25+00:00

We are building multiple courses for both students and tutors. Ranging from introductions to software development, to games development, career paths, CV writing, as well as CPD sessions. If you want us to create a specific course or content around a subject, contact us and we will prioritise our creations.

How does Scenegraph.Academy stay updated with the latest trends in software and game development?2023-12-21T22:03:48+00:00

As a practising XR as a Service company, Scenegraph Studios prides themselves in staying up to date with the latest trends in software and games technology. We go to conferences and read the release notes of software. Our connections with industry experts also give us the edge in delivering projects and teachings.

Do you provide CPD (Continued Professional Development) for staff, tutors, and decision-makers?2024-01-07T20:33:11+00:00

Yes. This industry moves too fast. It is hard to stay up to date while busy teaching, and doing your day job. Let us come in and go over some curriculum ideas, easy lesson plans, and the state-of-the-art with immersive tech, AI, VR learning, and Augmented Reality.

Do you speak at schools?2024-01-07T20:32:53+00:00

Yes. Dr David Tully was previously a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University and loves talking to students.

We provide both talks to students as well as CPD sessions for staff and decision-makers.

Do you do private sessions?2024-01-07T20:32:58+00:00

Yes, we can sort that for you. We like to put on events and talks as group activities, but we like to offer different services for all people.

Drop us an email and we can have a quick chat about your needs.

Can I use this site in my lessons?2024-01-07T20:33:05+00:00

YES PLEASE! We hope that you use the content on this site in your lessons, help you plan your courses, and direct your students to the site to go through courses.

Any questions, please email and ask.

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